Thursday, February 10, 2011

Which diet is better for acid reflux?

I have dealt with acid reflux for a little over a year and last month I was diagnosed with Barrett's esophagus. I've been on Prevacid for a year. I was told by my gastroenterologist that I would probably stay Prevacid for the rest of my life. I have read in many different systems. I read that alkaline diets are good for people who struggle with digestive problems. I also read an article about how a gluten-free diet may help people with Barrett's esophagus (the article I read on the gluten-free diet has not been tested or studied) So my question is what is the best diet for a person with Barrett's esophagus? alkaline diet or gluten-free diet? Crohn's disease is aided by a diet without gluten does not hurt to try. but the problem (and maybe mine) is caused by gastroesophageal reflux, treatment and self-feeding, as is well known. I've seen reports that the gluten-free diet may in some cases of acid reflux (which causes the symptom complex called Barrett's esophagus) It can not hurt if they try a couple of weeks. If this does not work, you have not lost much. An alkaline diet can cause health problems down the road when the natural balance of stomach acid. Anyhow, manufactures Prevacid to prevent stomach acid (which makes the digestion of foods is very difficult, such as hydrogen is a part of the process), you would be more than she an invention if you have both. You must be rich to avoid fatty foods, eat smaller meals and increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables. This applies whether you are gluten-free diet. If you need to eat fatty foods, do not do it after 13 hours. Keep a food diary where you eat what you notes and every time you experience acid reflux. Remember, it takes up to 36 hours to completely digest food, so you would be something you ate yesterday affect today to find, do not worry about what to eat. Actually, the limitations of the food you eat will not solve the acid reflux disease. If you have dietary stop reflux returns. This is the same for drugs. They help to prevent symptoms, but only as long as you keep taking them. When you stop taking them, reflux back. If you want a killer home remedy for acid reflux visit find. The home remedy to describe them with the help of several foods work wonders in curing acid reflux and heartburn. Then you will be able to eat what you want .


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