Saturday, February 5, 2011

What kind of diet will improve acid reflux.?

I have acid reflux, or at least I think it is and take things as Gaviscon to help, and recently, tests have been worse. I began to avoid eating in the morning, because they simply can not afford something decent before three, and still is something that only a chocolate, or similar size. After dinner, they usually end up dividing into two, because I can, t have much. I want a normal diet, where you can eat three times a day without problems, nausea and feeling espcailly fluid in the throat and burns. Gaviscon temprealy do better, but not for long and not always enough. What I can do? I'm leaving on a trip overnight in a couple of weeks, where eating is important, but in the practice of going for six hours, I'm not hungry at the end and is expected to eat three Cours? Ideas? Thanks ^ ^


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