Friday, February 11, 2011

Acid reflux .?

Has anyone been successful and (so far) definitely acid reflux treated by weight loss and better nutrition? I do not want to be in a pill for the rest of my life. Also, have you ever inhaled stomach acid? How was it for you? You need immediate medical attention? The answer to your question is yes, absolutely, acid reflux can be controlled with better nutrition - like you, I'm not interested in taking a "little purple pill" for the rest of my life and decided to find out what was causing the problem. Caffeine is very acidic, but I love coffee and I could not imagine abandoning it, so it simply reduces the number of cups that I drank, and rose to a mixture of half and half (half decaf, half regular .) I do not change to a fat free diet, but reduced the amount of fat, which means not eating high-fat cheeses and changed to "low-fat cheese, I stopped using dressings and fat, however, buy light dressings. etc. I heard he eats at night (it's a good idea) I stopped to eat spicy food I had and I found that I feel much better. When I follow these tips, I have no symptoms and do not need antacids or drugs. Now I have another form of acid reflux Gerd and I know that I lose the need to reduce weight and improve my diet because I take medication side effects detrimental to the future not in the position of my body, my jaw or tongue controls may have . So yes, you should improve your lifestyle. and acid reflux can cause cancer.


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