Thursday, February 3, 2011

What foods should you eliminate from your diet if you have acid reflux disease?

What should you eat and drink? The most common foods or drinks that increase are coffee, mint, chocolate, fatty or greasy foods. For some, it's all spicy foods (think of things with garlic food, Mexican hot, etc.) What worries me is that I drink iced tea with lemon and citrus aggravates me, so it is another. You have to try to see what triggers for you. What is quiet for me, milk and some form of carbohydrates, such as a cookie or a biscuit. If that fails I go for the Gaviscon. Attention tomato-based foods and avoid the peppers and onions too. So eat kills me every time. Avoid coffee or drinks with high caffeine content. Avoid acidic foods such as sauces, especially tomato-based sauces o. Avoid orange, grapefruit, lemon or lime juice as citric acid can irritate. Fresh tomatoes can be too much function. Drink plenty of water, lifting his head and shoulders while sleeping. Eating broccoli actually settles the stomach, and oddly enough level of potatoes is a great way to soothe the stomach and its often not what you eat foods that cause acid reflux, it can be as good as you do not eat. Food you should try everything in your diet to reduce your heartburn, such as fruit and vegetables. More info is available here, where on average less .


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