Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Does drinking diet coke cause acid reflux?

Well, a diet to help my acid reflux disease, and have lost 40 pounds, and has contributed greatly. However, I started drinking Diet Coke about 3 per day, and the last two nights, my symptoms returned to the point where I wake up at night and I can not sleep. Coca-Cola is very high in acid, so yes, it can cause acid reflux. yep yep yep can phenalalinine (I apolagize of spelling) is not due to acid reflux and can cause ulcers (holes in the stomach), for all that you drink too much cola and yes, gas will be again. Try not to drink what and how to use light instead of glass. all soda is bad 4 Healh No, can cause disease, but cause heartburn. I think it's mainly because the diet soda carbonation gives me heartburn. Try switching to something non-carbonated beverages and diet, or have a regular Coca-Cola a day. Still, if you have injuries such as ulcers of reflux, you do not drink carbonated anything because only exacerbate the problem my father had acid reflux for 3 years. According to his doctor, yes it is true that acid reflux can be as high as a result of carbonated beverages, Mount Is not Dew, was familiar with Pepsi Cola, Coca Cola and Ginger Ale lead to acid reflux. Easy to use water instead of the spirit and double the amount.


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