Friday, February 25, 2011

What kind of foods do you eat when you have acid reflux?

I just found out my acid reflux triggers my asthma, and to change my diet. I know what not to eat, but what do I eat? Mainly fruits and vegetables. Nothing fried. Remember, when you eat, and later return is not to eat again. Pablum, unless you can take the drug for RA, I took 1 tablet a day for the last 6 years, AR had not interfered in slightest.I (spicy), who was on the list of dinner again. See your MD.he may be right to prescribe for you. do not eat spicy food, salty fast food is a disaster for all junk food eating fruits or vegetables in yogurt is prohibited acid reduces even licorice and orange peel and mint I to 1 tablet daily eating Nexium for acid reflux, and I love everything, without causing pain. Ask your family doctor is something you can not answer your asthma medications or lead to worsening asthma.


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