Sunday, February 6, 2011

Do you believe I got rid of Acid Reflux by adding yogurt to my diet everyday?

I promise, the use to have to buy a bottle of medication once every two weeks, only to live now.I can eat everything, and I'm hot too. There is no scientific basis for this? Anyone? Yes, I believe. Yogurt contains probiotics that can "cure" an imbalance of microflora in the intestine (called dysbiosis) that may have been the cause of their reflux. No, dairy products dramatically increase susceptibility to acid reflux and digestive disorders. Milk is not something the body can digest, of course after the development phase (remember that we are the only animals who consume dairy products into adulthood), which makes your body a lot of digestive problems. Perhaps it was his medicine? Unfortunately, conventional medicine is removed the symptoms of a problem but cause another problem (usually more serious). And once you stop taking the medication the symptoms continue. Have you tried to take apple cider vinegar? It's good for a variety of diseases including acid reflux.


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