Sunday, February 13, 2011

what diet is appropriate for someone who suffers from acid reflux?and esophagitis. ?

I need a list of what they eat foods and foods that should be avoided.if can give me a list of these foods. I had this problem and would suggest that keeping a food diary and a diary of symptoms. After a month of starting to see a sample of what you eat and how it affects. Foods that affect me are the white bread and tomatoes, but I realized that keeping a food diary. Good luck Kiki does not know what foods to avoid, but I can say that food will help you: pineapple sweet potato (weird, I know) of pineapple juice (real juice, pineapple juice, not flavored) bagel This scheme sounds about right. If you like the food on the banned list that I had started to remove one or two at a time rather than all at once until the symptoms have subsided. Want to leave the good things too. I quit sweets and caffeine and mint, and it was enough to reduce me. Also sleeping with your head, I always want to overdo it though. Hi, I suffer like crazy with these symptoms (the result of my GERD & hernia pause). The main things to avoid are: 1 Alcohol - im currently suffering because of this (what a 23 year old do to make spicy food hehe.2 April 3 Cheese Sour things like tomatoes, oranges, etc. Chocolate 5:06 a.m. 7.Fizzy . fat-rich food .drink .So it all. hehe.The thing that helps me is cottage cheese, organic yogart, oatmeal and bananas. There is one thing you can buy in health food stores kalt''glatte. you "" smaak elm is not nice, but the trick A few other things that may help: Do not eat 2-3 hours before bedtime, do not eat large meals, small meals often Prop yourself a little higher in bed (I use three pillows), preventing the acid rises .the night. sleep on the left side also helps. Have you seen the doc about this? reflux is the clearest sign of hiatus hernia. In addition, you can prescribe anything ie.omeprosole, gavescone. I suffered very badly and I discovered that a sore throat, my doctor gave me an alkaline diet to follow and inhibitors of proton pump. After 2 months the symptoms are not better, so I went on the diet, but split the food groups in combination foods (hay diet). My symptoms were the result largely of reserves, now go get me my side of the bed (with pillows too many wrinkles the stomach only), and make sure I did not go to bed after eating. I had no alcohol for a few months, and I'm out of luck foods.Good acids hope you get better soon, and remember much of it can be trial and error .


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