Tuesday, February 22, 2011

i just had laproscopy surger 3 hours for severe acid reflux looking for ideas on a soft diet.?

I'm on a diet filled with liquid, but now I'll be on a soft diet the following week when I visit the doctor on January 25, only I have some ideas with that ou or operation can not be disposed and can not be a pain uu very intense I have to go to the emergency room and have to run this through the nose for u, and I do not know what I catogery before you start eating again reg completely change my attitude about food can not eat things I enjoyed as fried foods, etc.I would like some information on this issue. Take and drink plenty of water. Almost anything can be liquefied, or you can warm baby food through a straw. baby cereal or cream of wheat is very easy to digest, and you can add as much liquid as you need to get the desired consistency. Ummmm. OK, so who underwent surgery. And the doctor does not cover what to eat? Strange. Imran


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