Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Acid reflux and food question?

My doctor diagnosed me with acid reflux a few days ago and he gave me Pepcid. Who helped Pepcid def after a few days and I feel completely better. Now my question is if I stay on the diet reflux forever. I avoid all citrus fruits, tomatoes, ice, and so the last few days, but I feel better, I can eat these things again? Or should I avoid it for a few days? Or should I eat just does not work at all? Yes, I'm just afraid reallllllyyyy: (Please help me, it might be a good idea to go back to drugs and take it only when you need it, not so much to drink soda or coffee is all .a trade-off! . you need to decide what is important. Food / Beverage (with drugs) and reduce or feel more comfortable. id give my body at least a month before you start eating normally again. Pepcid to stay in the body is inside of it heals irritation. then slowly start reversing some of these forbidden foods. test the limit may need to be able to eat a bit of moderation. leparken have good body care can be very unbalanced. May be full of toxins. I added the below health stories that might be interested in. All the people in the stories suffered from lack of energy, too. I'm sure I'd suggest you try GlucAffect ®, and revive Innergize ® Now! ® as they did. If you really want to do something about their condition, these products can help in the same way it has helped others. You may not need GlucAffect if the other two products were enough to get your body in balance. I'll start with just two products. They helped me with my digestive problems. You must use sucralfate is better if you can get information here http://canmdh19.notlong.com/AAu0Qla.


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