Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Loose productive cough at night (excess mucus): GERD (Acid reflux), asthma or sinus problem?

Had a chronic productive cough with asthma 2 years. Chest X-rays taken said they were clear. A few months ago a doctor told me it was probably acid reflux cough without acid. With the pads, the protection system against cough and stomach after meals daytime attacks are very rare, but I wake in the night (1:00 to 3:00) cough and expel mucus. 30/60 for a few minutes away is the symptom and sleep the rest of the night is perfect. aerosol inhaler for asthma, as it helps to breathe much easier, but I do not think it appropriate. Even the majority in the evening and night, I feel full of mucus from the lungs and throughout the day, I have to clean my nose often. I wonder if the facts are related in some way, if GERD is the cause of lung mucus (bronchitis), cough with asthma and a runny nose (I noticed the tip of the nose after the meal too) . Or perhaps an issue that is now the source of all cavities. What do you think? TKS faster and better I've found for the symptoms is one teaspoon of baking soda in a small glass a few sips, if necessary, been tested for whooping cough? her breasts at night is getting worse, due to changing weatheri have the same problem, sometimes so bad you can not mess with our asthma.u might try a neti pod clears the nose and help mucus . u can get a `not cost line.they much.hope this helps. and good luck. Make sure you go to bed and sleep at least 3-4 hours after eating. Lift your head with 5 "to 6" (you can get some tips from places like Lowe's, Depot, or Ace). If after a few weeks, still no relief in the acidity of acid reflux / GERD and are still experiencing symptoms every day, I would try systemic (oral) steroids, and current. For sinus problems, find a diversion of September. If this is not a problem, try a prescription medication Rhinocort Aqua to see if that solves your problems in May, as an allergy test. In addition, drink orange juice every day, avoid dust, rest / sleep well, exercise, wear loose clothing and by all means to find ways to reduce stress. Acid reflux can cause asthma: reflux may be aspirated and to initiate reflex bronchospasm acid in minute amounts of bronchoconstriction associated inflammation of the upper respiratory tract with reflux published mediate chemicals bronchospasm. About 75% of patients with asthma have acid reflux disease. Reflux symptoms usually precede the attacks of wheezy chest. Asthma is also the same dietary and lifestyle factors that cause acid reflux symptoms began. There is a good response to proton pump inhibitors twice daily and treatment should last at least two months .


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