Saturday, February 19, 2011

Do i have acid reflux or is it just my diet?

Hi guys im 14 years and a month or two, I found the acid indigestion and belching when I can sometimes feel like food to find my throat. I drank a lot of energy drinks and caffeine before and this is what I think because of my stomach irritation. Went to the doctor for this and sent me to an ENT specialist. Ganna What are the diagnosis of acid reflux? Or just tell me I have to eat and drink more? (Even in the early morning, sometimes I antacids and help me) have acid reflex and it seems that your diet try to avoid eating spicy foods and try not to drink coffee or soft drinks or energy for a day and see if that helps and if the pills that help your problem is not acid reflex pills you need very strong for U could give ulcer and many energy drinks and caffine. My sister has a baby too. It's a bit 'reflux.I acid having acid reflux and are interested in everything you eat or drink much more than the acid in it. L as oranges or tomatoes from their soupIf caffine voice I could be an ulcer. The same thing happened to me except that I'ma little older than you. I would terminate the contract and go see a GI doc. ENT doc will only be able to see past the vocal cords to ISN, not far enough. Doc to the esophagus and stomach of the ECJ's view. (I work with a GI doctor in local hospital). Chances are that you have acid reflux. In that case you should stay away from caffiene, chocolate and mint. Do not eat three hours B4 bedtime. Take some Rolaids for fast relief. Raising the head of your bed to a 45degree angle with a few pillows or a wedge. But seriously, change your time with a GI doc, you see, will not be miss-diagnosed. Good luck. PS. ENT doc will do a Largangoscopy - looking at the neck with a larganoscope. Check it on Wikipedia, same with EGD .


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