Friday, February 4, 2011

Diet Pepsi and Acid Reflux?

Is Diet Pepsi cause reflux? YUP.I have enormous problems with food SODAS.AND SODA any time thinking about it! Try if you can not stand mustard soup TASTE.ALSO.A last tablespoon vinegar (ALL) and drink a glass of water to get rid of AS WELL.PEACE! It could. All cola drinks are loaded with phosphoric acid. Phosphoric acid is so corrosive that trucks must carry them by supporting dangerous to be identified. If you drink too much, you can probably refux get him. You can also dissolve a nail in 3 days by sitting in a glass of Coca-Cola. Not more than other soft drinks. Reduce amount of soda you drink and you'll feel better. It could also aspartame, you are sensitive. In both cases, stop drinking so much soda. Stick to water or iced tea. ETA: please. Phosphoric acid in cola drinks will not hurt you, or the FDA would not allow it. It is carbon dioxide, the cause of your reflux.


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