Friday, February 18, 2011

Acid Reflux?!?!?!?

Ive the 14th and heart still burns for a long time and at a time when I as 10 min esofogus (I do not know how to spell) I really irratated and when I ate it hurts. Now, the sick and burps taste like rotten eggs and I have really bad diarhea. I still have heartburn for most things I eat or drink. when I drink apple juice or some kind of juice I'm really bad. or maybe if I like the frozen foods I could eat to get it. Now my mom is really annoying as it deems just change my diet, but I say that I was the acid reflux because I know no one I kno my age have heartburn at all. but I get all the time. It sounds like a real acid reflux? and also what I could do for heartburn? Sounds like acid reflux to me. Go to the Dr or nurse. You must have a prescription for Prilosec or that the ratio of trying to counter version of Prilosec OTC. This may be wrong. I'm 18 and I started having problems acid reflux when I was a freshman in high school (14), when at least one other person had at your age My best advice would be to go to a gastro-enteritis, a medical company that specializes in this sort of thing . He probably will tell you about a endoscopy and colonoscopy to avoid damage or permanent damage to, and he will defiantly ask you to change your eating habits, at least for a few months. Until you see the doctor, a sort of anti-acid before or after a meal and eat light. Do not eat things that are highly acidic and too much food too quickly, which can also cause acid reflux. Good luck, I know the pain sometimes sucks!.


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