Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What surgeries and treatments are available to people suffering from the deadly acid reflux disease?

I have this horrible life changing disease. My stomach can not hold back and begins to suck Prilosec OTC. Did not appear before. I know that exercise helps, food, etc. I want to know more about what surgeries are available. There is a procedure usually performed laproscopically called Nissen fundoplication. It can be total or partial wrap. No stomach stapling. They take the top of the stomach called the fundus and wraps around the bottom oesphagus called cardiac sphincter and pull firmly. This prevents stomach acid leaves the stomach, and burn oesphagus. The sphincter does what he must do. It works very well. Recovery time varies but is usually around two weeks for laparoscopic surgery. Reflux is only fatal if severe and for a long time that makes the lining of errosion oesphagus and can cause ulcers and cancer. But is extreme. Concern fully make it worse. You / must make arrangements with gasteroenterlogist / I do not think that it is spelled correctly or she will do an endoscopy / and set the correct medication / I feel for you / for I / GERD and Barrett's esohpgus / it's no joke / I was a recipe Nexium and / Since You've tried / non-prescription drugs or not to extend the research / you will be glad you did good luck


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