Sunday, March 6, 2011

My 2 year old daughter has acid reflux and is lactose intolerant, what can she eat?

My baby is on a strict diet, but sometimes her food comes back up. We (my wife and I) do not really know exactly what type of diet they should be, but we know that some things do not look at her just to give fatty foods and dairy products. What we can out of your head? Try Silk Soy Milk.comes chocolate.its in very good I was intolerant to milk before I was still drinking. If the doctor says it will not kill her, so try it. The body can adapt to many things, milk and cousins for me told me about this is a balanced diet. If the acid problem, consult your doctor about omeprazole. If they have this acid problem, the likelihood that they will be in this or simlilar medications for life, or even diet. If they do not end up taking Omeprazole which they can eat whatever they want, because it regulates the acid production. NO Kool-Aid or "mixed crystal, dried, without spices or no fat (fast food), heat, or anything really not (like cornflakes or crackers), where it is not in the processing of apple juice for acid murder throar acid reflux and orange juice worse. The only "good" breakfast, all natural foods like oat and wheat products (they absorb a lot of acid {I used to get a set of 60 to 100% wheat bread that when the acid helped eat bad}).


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