Saturday, March 5, 2011

Does gripe water help with acid reflux in babies?

My 6 month old baby Zantac old when he was a month. I dislike that he is on medication. He is happy, so I decided to change my diet and eliminate dairy products, chocolate, spicy food and CITRIS. But I would like to know if there is anything else that could help return peace of mind, of course. We had the same problem with our daughter. She even had a circumference of their return had been so bad. We have tried gripe water, holistic / homeopathic remedies. Nothing worked as Zantac. When she hit 10 months she was fully grown it, thank goodness. When she was 10 months old, she is only up 2 times and can spit out flat on my back in bed was not unhappy. In our experience, have worked nothing nearly as good as Zantac. Good luck. Best of all, the message will he grow out of probably 99% there. Homeopathy! Gripe water would not do good for your child's Acid Reflex. I discovered that my daughter had when she was 2 months and started on Prevacid, which helped, but still spit a lot and cried a little "Here are some things he did for my daughters (ARD) 1. Food in a high position 2. Maintain upright for at least 30 an hour after eating 3. If you give your baby a bottle or weather not your breast to look for cereal in their milk 1-2 tsp 4. a change in diet has done 5. When sleep will not put your floor, lift the head and chest a little "in this way, at an angle. Maybe put a couple of books under the legs of the bed. They also have these little things that you can put the baby in the crib, while keeping up a little bit. " My daughters ARD does not last forever, now 7 months and although still spits a lot (including some children just do), no chest pain or discomfort or other signs of acid reflex. I hope that helped! Influenza is a weak acid water. It can not really hurt small frequent meals are better than large meals. Although fatty foods, fried foods, citrus fruits and corn to make things worse .


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