Friday, March 4, 2011

Foods that neutralize stomach acid?

I'm on a diet, acid-free, so I can cure my acid reflux and heal my esphogas But I had acid reflux for more than 40 years that the avoidance of food was not to help, and I can not do drugs in TAKE Papaya is one neutralizes stomach acid is more healthy foods or beverages you, I never drink caffeine thing anyway, and sodas and fatty foods, milk, etc. are mucus problem is not so sure if we take the best before bedtime, as knowledge, but I will thank you during the day, I try not to eat crzckers I saw celiac I eat gluten free pretzels-in, I noticed that I lost some weight since I started my diet acid-free, because I know I that fat milk contributes to the neck after heated reflux. They neutralize acids with basic foodstuffs. So you can drink like milk or snacks such as biscuits instead of level. You should avoid acidic foods like oranges exchange garlic powder and chili, ginger can help, fennel and turmeric. Ginger, fennel and turmeric has been used in traditional medicine for indigestion and heartburn treatment Modern herbalists have combined some of these "herbs for heartburn" for herbal remedies for acid reflux .


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