Saturday, January 29, 2011

What CAN I eat while on an acid reflux diet? I know what I shouldn't eat to control reflux, but what CAN I eat?

I would eat noodles, but I can not pasta sauce with it if I can put what is not thick or sour? I love rice, but I can not sharp on them. I eat chicken a lot, but it is annoying, especially because I'm limited to eating with what I can. I need ideas, please, do what I can eat, I'm on this low-fat, nonfat, no food tomatoes in a while. I also have trouble saying no to Coke and coffee in the morning when I get some ideas to go? Thanks! My dear friend has acid reflux. It is the side I use when cooking for them. There are many good recipes here. I think you should try Mona Vie. It is a healthy drink, organic juice. While your body healthy overall overcomes the acid reflux disease with a number of other tastes so good. www.myspace.c


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