Friday, January 28, 2011

My hubby suffers so bad with his acid reflux.He has lost lots of weight and needs to find out what will help.?

It is difficult for him to eat samples anymore.I acid reflux diet now. They also suffer from acid reflux bad and I lost a lot of weight in a short time and go for days without eating, because I felt bad every time I ate. My doctor prescribed Zantac which could have improved my symptoms. Hope this helps. There are medications for acid reflux out there that can only be taken if necessary. Avoid foods that aggravate symptoms is also a wise decision. Pantazole.this trying to take a drug that is good for hyperacidity.this Zantac.also avoid spicy and fatty foods. Soo I can help. One day I woke up and could not swallow anything. After months and months and 6 months to be exact and 40 kilos least 10 different drugs, and many of the medical bills. I was given Nexium. It took me about 3 months for any kind of relief. I wanted to go to a GI dr and discuss it. It is also very important. I lost my thought is this. So do not eat, but the jello 6 months did not help, but the constant feeling that you wanted to strangle every minute and I diei started with panic attacks. Then it was mild depression. It is a medical term for it. Something like: depression and panic attacks caused by a medical condition. Duh! I am now on Zoloft. I have panic attacks for free for 1 year. I'm so happy. I can eat almost anything and not worry. I sooo understand how he feels. Let him. They want my sound man. No one would listen or help. He would lie in bed with me and cried with me. You have very, very pushy with the doctors. I even went to another because the first thing I wanted to put on tablets and pills anymore, but I guess wrong. It is also important to know that this will not only. It has happened over the years. The top was just to come out eventually. It will take time to heal. I would also suggest that he is a endosopy (misspelled sorry) They made him sleep and put a tube in his neck to see the damage. Just to make sure that he saw no other problems with Nexium undetectable. One more thing. We had no insurance. There are many programs out there to help. We had a clinic that I went through. It was a very cheap price and I was then transferred to a specialist for almost nothing. Endosopy then you have done in the hospital and it is also trying to help. AstraZeneca will pay for my Nexium. So I went to the mental health of my Zoloft. I see the doctor, now once every six months for $ 5.00 to visit and my medication is $ 14 for a three months' supply of K-Mart. You have to pray and search the web. I know how that helps. Sorry for so much info. Maybe you can copy and paste into a Word doc and print. Very long-lived of all. There is an enormous amount. He can die, not to scare you, but he can.


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