Sunday, February 27, 2011

What are the best and worst foods for acid reflux?

About a month ago I went to the dentist and the tracks of my back teeth that could have acid reflux. I've noticed more symptoms this month. When I had a float root beer with a cheeseburger and fries at the mall, I felt bad the rest of the day. But I did not. And last week I had McDonalds and not feel so hot. I'm trying to cut soda from my diet. What are some other foods should I cut? Should I consult a doctor too? The doctor may ask about your symptoms and refer you to taste the different counter remedies before he / she prescribes something, then you can probably ignore or at least delay the first visit. Things that can worsen the situation are fried foods (all types), fatty foods (all types, including all meat), mint, cinnamon, raw onions, citrus fruits (including tomatoes and tomato products ), coffee, tea, beer, wine and spirits. (Oh, great, there's nothing really you can eat?) Obesity also contributes. Stop eating only until you really full, a pharmacist assist products for the prevention of symptoms and those who treat symptoms after they already prefer. This varies, and the best way for you know, a food diary to find foods that you can then avoid symptoms or give premedicate keep. Some known offenders include red wine and chocolate is a potent relaxer of the lower esophageal sphincter. Low fat diets slow down gastric emptying, so they hang around in your stomach for longer periods. The longer the stay of food in the stomach, there are still more likely to reflux. Carbonated drinks are bad because they start with, and carbon dioxide swells in the stomach. Talk to your doctor about getting an over the counter or prescription anti-reflux medications. I take Prilosec OTC and it works for me, but check with your MD if it is appropriate for you. Reflux is not just pain. You have dental changes indicative of severe reflux. This can damage the lining of the esophagus, and if it continues over a longer period may increase risk of cancer esophaeal Talk to your doctor! Receive treatment and consider an upper endoscopy to evaluate esophageal .


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